Los Dos Vanagons Y Toyota

That is Karen and Gary Osgood in their white Vanagon. They stepped up and bought a syncro model in blue after this trip. Jan Baby sporting her ubiquitous red sweatshirt, I in my stylish blue vest (not the one I melted by jumping in the fire), and Dave Buddy's 4X Toyota.

Vanagon Camping

Shot near a volcano! Camping at Bahia de Los Angeles Too many 'fogs' that trip. Notice Dave Buddy's 4X Toyota. Dave towed us out of more ditches and sand traps than I can count. Gary and Karen Osgood are just off to the left (out of the frame). I'll be posting that...

Somos Gringos!

Hola! And Welcome Aboard. You are at the internet home of the Baja Fog. Made popular in the following locations, in order: 1.) Baja Mexico 2.) Santa Barbara/Goleta 3.) Mammoth Mountain 4.) June Mountain 3.) Central Coast (Cambria) ...from there is spread so darn fast...